day seven

61. for karen–who brings laughter and care and style into our lives

62. for james–who loves my mom so well and is always ready to geek-out with me

63. for snow!

64. for fresh matching socks

65. for Baker University–it’s always so pretty to walk around

66. for PAL–and the amazing people there who shaped me

67. for my parents getting along thru a divorce and doing everything for us…together–making our childhoods very full of love.  (something that amazes me to be honest.  not because of their character, but because of how hard that must’ve been for both of them.)

68. for Cyndi–the amazing instigator

69. for the story of A Christmas Carol–it gets me every. single. time. (Patrick Stewart version is #1 obviously)

70. for TV–cause that’s a cool invention


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