day ten

91. for erin–my soul sister who loves and helps me always

92. for erin’s mom, susan–who showed me how strong women survive with grace and fun

93. for the Chicago soundtrack–and all that jazz

94. for silver dollar city–cause memories but also the hundreds of flawless photos taken there with my girls

95. for soft serve ice cream cones

96. for all my scholarships to Vandy–also just like getting in too was pretty great

97. for “art club” trips to chicago

98. for ~healthy~ compromises–which can bring people together in harmony

99. for my unbelievable education–as early as preschool everything has been top-notch

100. for nights when I can see all the stars in the sky–especially if i happen to be laying on top of a camper van in the countryside of new zealand cause WOW that was a sight to behold.


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