day fourteen

131. for fresh bouquets of flowers–who doesn’t??

132. for airplanes–i can literally get anywhere on the planet so fast. endless possibilities.

133. for challenges at work–that force me to continuously evaluate what matters and where i find my worth

134. for chick-fil-a–they gave me a cup of sweet tea at 6am this morning and i felt like a new person. the hand of God is on that business.

135. for ed sheeran–those new singles though…

136. for my perfect pair of black booties–they make getting dressed so much easier. plus i found myself packing just the one pair of shoes for a weekend trip which is frankly a miracle (on average i have three packed…)

137. for society (mostly) accepting leggings as pants–i feel so free and flexible and fierce

138. for the broad shouldered man who decided to squeeze next to me on the plane today–you were annoying but you indirectly also kept me warm on a cold plane today (i stupidly packed my coat) so i guess thanks

139. for netflix–who is killing it with these original series, bringing my lazy TV addict heart great joy

140. for victoria–who is so loving and is never annoyed with┬áme asking her my endless list of tax questions all the time. xoxo


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