day eighteen

171. for my vet–who takes such good care of my pets and happily answers my many crazy cat mom questions

172. for spring–i think it’s coming to georgia early…and boy do i love when the flowers start to bloom.

173. for bree–who is always up for an adventure (i was going to wait for her birthday but then she kindly reminded me last night how i’m grateful for her…impatient girl.)

174. for my manager at work–who doesn’t micro-manage but is also still involved and encouraging to me in my career

175. for mornings when i can sleep in for once

176. for title boxing club–helping me to get fit, feel good, and kick butt this year

177. for the little bell on harper’s collar–otherwise i think i would’ve lost her at this point

178. for sherlock–so good.  i also may be in love with martin freeman nbd

179. for my planner–erin condren.  so many stickers.  so many post its.  so much organization.

180. for nights with absolutely nothing to do–where i can finally catch my breath from the hustle and bustle of life


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