day nineteen

181. for history–there’s so much to learn and discuss and i think it’s so cool how things have been recorded for thousands of year…what a gift.

182. for finding my weekly Bible Study–i will love on each of these women individually but frankly i am just so grateful for my weekly reprieve of girl-talk and deep discussions on the Lord.  i look forward to wednesday nights and feel the loss when i have to skip a week.

183. for spontaneous late night dates

184. for holidays–from easter to memorial day….from halloween to christmas…i just love when we all take a moment to pause and celebrate something together.

185. for jenna–whose twitter feed (and overall humor) brings me joy and whose realness/honesty is about 90% appreciated

186. for police officers–who keep us safe

187. for firefighters–who battle every sort of fire bravely

188. for EMTs–who are the first to help us when accidents befall us

189. for soldiers–whose patriotism far outweighs my own and whose daily risk keeps our country strong.

190. and most importantly their families–because i don’t know how anyone goes through their day knowing loved ones are perpetually risking their lives for complete strangers.


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