day twenty

~holy smokes i’m 20% of the way done and there’s still so much to be grateful for!!~

191. for adult naps–my favorite thing to do on my lunch break

192. for wineries–letting me taste all the wine and facilitating the distribution of that sweet nectar

193. for the peaceful transfer of power in our country–in most countries, people die in order for power to transfer so like hooray for a working (mostly) democracy

194. for gatorade–i’m sorry but even a nurse will tell you it’s better than powerade

195. for jessica–my sweet friend who loves her calendar as much as i love mine, and will always go to the theater with me.

196. for the internal clock of my cats–who never let me sleep in but always help me to not sleep thru alarms

197. for the Bible–it’s easy to forget that  we weren’t allowed to read it for many may years…and that many people died in order to ensure that we could.  what a gift!

198. for my keurig–need i say more?  it’s like having a starbucks in my home.

199. for the book “Be You. Do Good.”–which inspired me to start living my dream and following purposeful inklings…now!  not later or someday, but right now, however i can.

200. for my sewing machine–it does in thirty seconds what would take me five minutes, which i really appreciate as i am currently sewing 200+ pieces together for a quilt


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