day twenty two

211.  for early morning hikes

212. for bianca–who in more ways than one took me under her wing in australia and is a dear dear friend that i miss often

213. for watercolors–one of my favorite textures (is that the proper word?? least artsy person here attempting to appreciate it..)

214. for kroger deals–30 cents off the gallon y’all…doesn’t get much better than that

215. for richard doing the dishes pretty much all the time–no prompting needed. it makes me so happy.  what a catch.

216. for my chacos–if you’re a hater, you can see yourself out

217. for my hebrew study book–letting me learn on my own quite successfully (if i may say so myself)

218. for katie letting me practice my MOH skills out on her and her wedding–all those years of pinterest and wedding tv shows are finally being put to use

219. for she reads truth–because their books are just so pretty but also they seriously help to keep me engaged in a variety of scripture readings daily

220. for solo drives–where i can blast hannah montana and sing at the top of my lungs with zero judgement taking place


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