day twenty three

221. for photo shoots–between erin and emily l., i have a ridiculously large stock of (free!) awesome pictures with myself and friends/family that i cherish. i’m a terrible specimen to work with but they find the magic somehow (see above, circa 2011)

222. for the pilot g2 pens–i have found the perfect pen and i will buy no others

223. for emily t–because of her love, spontaneous fun, real-talk, and sass

224. for candles–making my apartment smell lovely always

225. for my coasters–they’re crocheted and of cat butts…i’d like to see you top that (thanks again erin!)

226. for contacts–helping me to function daily without looking like a librarian (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but to each their own)

227. for all of the women’s marches that took place this weekend–and to those i know personally went…solidarity sisters. keep fighting the good fight. xoxo

228. for jacinta–one of the first people to greet me when i walked into hillsong melbourne and whose spirit & hugs are something i perpetually crave

229. for laser pointers–hours of entertainment with my cats…let me tell you. ┬ákeeps them off the streets and outta trouble

230. for daily vitamins–because i obviously don’t know how to eat right but at least i’m full of basic nutrients


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