day twenty four

231. for emily l–“cause we’re roomies. cause we’re best friends. cause we’re sisters for life. and you really don’t have a choice”

232. for remote controls–helping my lazy butt burrow into my couch

233. but also for the app on my watch that reminds me to stand each hour–because let’s be real, without it i don’t think i would ever move some days

234. for bid day photo shoots

235. for turbo tax–because tis the season and taxes are scary, but you make it free and easy!

236. for the offshore team at work–who are teaching me each day the gifts of patience and controlling my temper

237. for showers–you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.  and since my shower hiatus for about 2 months during the ~wrists incident~, i’ve realized just how life changing they are

238. for ranch dressing–don’t question it

239. for days when i don’t have to actually get dressed–pjs and messy hair…my natural state of glory

240. for the IRS–i really hate you right now honestly but i keep telling myself that taxes are vital and you’re the middle man…so while i wish you were better by about 1000 fold, i appreciate the general existence of you. or at least i’m telling myself that so i maybe i can let go of some rage.  (i’m trying, ok??)


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