day twenty five

241. for excel–which literally keeps my work, finances, and life in general together

242. for jordan–another sweet australian of mine who always managed to make me laugh, and who i loved worshiping next to every sunday

243. for band aids–because who doesn’t love infection prevention??

244. for not having cable–which i KNOW allows me to spend more time doing things like reading and quilting and studying

245. for facebook–except for just before and after the presidential election

246. for erica–who is one of the most Spirit-filled and purely fun people i know; who loves like no other

247. for lipstick–especially the one tube that i bought in Aus that is the perfect color but is going to be completely gone soon.  i will mourn its loss.

248. for my cable-knit sweater-like blanket–because it’s literally the most comfortable and warm thing out there

249. for my chiropractor–who always checks to make sure i’m keeping up with my gratitude list and doesn’t get mad with my constant re-scheduling.

250. for pasta–in all shapes, sizes, and flavors


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