day twenty six

251. for chloe–whose kind heart and daily sacrifices in her career inspire me

252. for the mailman–who is quite consistent, delivering my mail at 4pm every day. i love consistency

253. for cruises–the one i’ve been on was so fun and i’m so excited to keep exploring the world in such a unique way!

254. for sara–who just ~gets me~ in the most bizarre ways.  like needing to not change pens when writing things down in one place.  like compartmentalizing.  appreciate her ability to understand those more odd sides about me so much

255. for spoons–have you ever tried eating soup with a fork?? not fun, let me tell you.

256. for honesty–which can hurt but in the end will always make things better

257. for headphones–so i don’t have to subject anyone else to my habit of listening to ed sheeran music on repeat…not sorry

258. for andy–whose daily strength in life is positively ridiculous.  i’ve never met someone who handles having so much thrown at her with such grace.

259. for ibuprofen–curing all aches

260. for my tears–they seem to come under any circumstances and make people super uncomfortable but i like to think of them as a further indication to me of how deeply i actually care about something


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