day thirty one

301. for helyn–who will always share a cute animal picture with me when i need it

302. for hot tea in the morning

303. for my alarm–without it, no rooster crow would be able to get me out of bed

304. for amazon prime–two day shipping y’all. it doesn’t get better than that

305. for hair straighteners–taming this mane since ’08

306. for mugs–so many shapes, sizes, and colors. i love my mug collection so much. it just makes my heart happy (see fave mug above)

307. for outlander–helping me through whatever heartache i’m experiencing

308. for that new baby smell–i know it’s not just me

309. for my crazy cat entertainment–they run around here like lunatics doing park-our and making strange bird noises…who needs a tv when i’ve got them?!

310. for that one crazy roommate in college–who taught me how NOT to live with other people


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