day thirty two

311. for mary nobles–who lights up my life. she inspires and consoles and encourages me like no other

312. for lexi–who is so joyful and welcoming and inquistive. and who also has a hug that you can just melt into

313. for erin e.–who is so smart and hilarious and sassy, always the one to keep it real

314. for emma–who is so kind and strong; she has a smile that will light up any room

315. for getting to work from home–giving me flexibility to work out in the middle of the day or even work from anywhere!

316. for taco tuesday

317. for the trainers at title–they do such a good job of motivating and encouraging me; also they are so helpful in modifying some of the ab workouts so as not to break my weak wrists again. they are so key to me becoming my #fitself again

318. for carpooling–bonus time with friends!

319. for a manager that likes to send memes–it’s the little things that brighten up the day y’all

320. for being around so many young women getting married–it’s a gift to share in their joy but it’s also good practice for when it’s my turn (muahaha)


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