day thirty three

321. for the drive to Nashville being only 4 short hours

322. for skillet–who does an amazing job at keeping me awake on a 5AM drive

323. for when richard leaves his leather jacket in the car–and i get to use it all day (muahaha)

324. for my sorority–it’s not just four years, it’s for life (yes i’m THAT girl)

325. for calculus–because i’m a weirdo that loves it and finds joy & relaxation in doing those problems

326. for friendships where we can pray together and it’s not weird

327. for the mother/daughter trip we took to the UK & Ireland–what an unbelievable adventure

328. for RBG–the coolest thing about SCOTUS

329. also for the Supreme Court Fantasy League–i can’t even articulate how awesome (and educational) it is

330. for the shelter nearby having a low cost spay/neuter program–because SURPRISE harper was never actually spayed and my vet was asking for several hundred dollars… (nope.)


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