day thirty five & thirty six 

341. for aurora cineplex–the discounted theater near my place that is so adorable and fun

342. for hair ties–literally couldn’t find one and i had to actually do my hair and you just don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone

343. for weekends when all my sisters are in one place

344. for jelly beans–my personal version of crack

345. for the target cartwheel app–i saved like $10 the other day without even trying

346. for days when richard will go grocery shopping with me–even though he hates it

347. for hockey–cause that’s a fun game to watch

348. for nights where i’m completely alone–and i can do literally anything

349. for my grandma debbie–who is literally one of the most fun, loving, sassy, and kind women i know

350. for the seat warmers in my car–necessary with leather seats and particularly on cold mornings like today

351. for the weekend–and all i gotta do is ~chill~

352. for working in the same industry as my dad–it’s so great to get recommendations and advice from him

353. for science–because it’s SO MUCH FUN AND KINDA VITAL TO DAILY LIFE

354. for all of the alt science industry twitter accounts–because of course the scientists would lead the resistance

355. for the cartoon section of the newspaper–because we all need a laugh in the midst of all the tragedy that is news nowadays

356. for pizza dip–liquid gold from heaven above

357. for jon stewart–who is the only way i want to process politics

358. for the fact that i can actually breathe in clean air–tbd how much longer that’ll last though (thanks donald)

359. for richard’s restraint in practicing his jiu jitsu on me

360. for nights when my cats decide to not be nocturnal monsters and just snuggle up to sleep


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