day thirty seven

361. for some continuity in life–some things just never change

362. for a fresh pair of white keds–giving me that #classic look in all outfits

363. for my yearly bonus–no matter what the amount actually ends up being after taxes…

364. for a great work/life balance–where I can work my full day but still get to take a class at night or meet up regularly with friends

365. for national geographic–i’m a subscriber but i’ll be honest, it’s just for the pretty pictures that are literally jaw-drop-inducing

366. for family members sassing me about these gratitude lists–because i’m only further motivated to prove them wrong and hit the #1000mark

367. for the pope–i’m not catholic but i really appreciate his spiritual wisdom that feels to be mostly free of politics and mostly full of jesus

368. for dad cleaning my crock pot last night–it’s the little things that show a father’s love

369. for microsoft word–helping katie & i to create wedding things for her about 100 times cheaper than if she ordered it

370. for my lincoln–which is cheap and sturdy and reliable and, most importantly, all mine. my first and most cherished adult purchase


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