day thirty eight

371. for my water spray bottle–because my cats sure as heck don’t listen to me…they only fear the bottle.

372. for the new cake decorating class i’m taking–soon enough i will be legit

373. for richard eating most of my newly decorated cupcakes–the more he eats of them…the less i do!

374. for my vacuum–even though only the hose works right least it’s something.

375. for doug the pug–he just gets me

376. for warsan shire poems–go read them all

377. for that one time  my dad came to visit after by boyfriend broke up with me for a weekend of fun–there were comedy clubs, movies, and lots of sweets involved

378. for when i got to visit hobbiton in new zealand on my birthday–real tears were shed

379. for the multiple times i’ve had the privilege to go to a tswift concert

380. for the new live action beauty and the beast–i’ve been dreaming of emma watson in this role since 2011 and there are about 10 people who can vouch for that



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