day forty

391. for crepes–especially when they are literally oozing nutella

392. for clara–a mentor of mine that is so kind and prayerful

393. for poker–showing me that we all can and will catch a bad beat

394. for the chick-fil-a calendar card–because anything free is beautiful

395. for the cashier at target yesterday–i saw unbelievable patience from her as she dealt with angry customer after angry customer…and then she still greeted me with a smile and kind words. unbelievable

396. for that one time i got to dress up and go to a debutante ball

397. for the people who eat my cakes and encourage me to pursue that crazy dream

398. for spanx–being ~curvy~ isn’t easy

399. for being baptized by my dear dear friend–and in front of many others who helped to shape my faith

400. for freshly waxed eyebrows–not sure if there is ever a time where i feel more like a lady


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