day forty one

401. for getting to meet bob goff–such an amazing man.  love to hear his stories.  also so excited to have my copy of love does now signed by him!

402. for the kitty room that richard decided to create from a walk-in closet–it sounds ridiculous, but i smell way less poop and that is a win my friends

403. for katherine letting me reschedule dinner with her so i could meet bob goff–friends let friends meet their faves

404. for leftovers–not sure what’s better, eating a great meal the first time or eating it a second time with way less effort

405. for nights when we don’t turn the tv on and just ~talk~

406. for sara who is always willing to drive when it’s time to hit the city

407. for fondue–some sweet fun right there

408. for that la la land soundtrack–not sure how but there is a literal melody stuck in my head. no words, just melody

409. for the nice security guard last night that helped three lost women find their car

410. for days not filled with meetings where i can actually get some work done


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