forty two

411. for my hillsong crew–who made melbourne feel like home

412. for the monogrammed satin robe katie gave me–such a beautiful gift! and so fun to wear when i’m lounging around the house

413. for restaurants that deliver–pizza. chinese. sandwiches.  it’s all at my fingertips and i don’t even need to get dressed

414. for solo nights at the movies

415. for clothes fresh out of the dryer

416. for amy–who lets me ask her silly jewish questions and always tries to help me feel included

417. for the perfect quote that goes with the perfect picture

418. for playing scrabble competitively as a child–because isn’t that just the coolest fun fact?!

419. for the brief moment when all of my books are perfectly placed on the shelves

420. for my beautiful bay windows–that just light up my living room and have a nice view of the woods


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