day forty three

421. for the adorable canton street in downtown roswell–my favorite place for sunday brunch and shopping

422. for the days when richard graces me with his presence at church–i’m all about that buddy system

423. for all of the anthony bourdain episodes on netflix

424. for a crazy, memorable and lovely dinner with my dear friend katherine

425. for not dying in the VICIOUS 30+ minutes it took me to find parking at lenox mall yesterday

426. for that waitress at zinburger that handled the fight that broke out among two tables with such wonderful class and patience

427. for milkshakes

428. for dayquil–saving my life in the winter time

429. for old family pictures

430. for moments when i get to face my fears–like that one time i did not die in my effort to cross a rickety old rope bridge over a terrifying drop on an immensely windy day


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