day forty four

431. for that one time my bff’s parents flew me to california for a summer trip–still can’t believe their graciousness

432. for snip & paint tools on my computer–helping me to pawn off invitations as my own creation for way cheaper

433. for the brief moment when all of the laundry is put away ever so nicely

434. for clean wraps–unsure if there is a more gross feeling than wrapping your wrists in days-old, semi-sweaty cloth

435. for that one time i broke both of my wrists at once–i learned an immense amount of humility, got to see the unending kindness of those around me, and obtained a new fun fact

436. for push ups–because my wrists will finally let me do some of these again and i never thought i’d be excited about it, but i am

437. for lunch-break workouts–best hour of my day

438. for the snooze button

439. for fitz always greeting me at the door when i come home with a snuggle and nose kiss–he may be a cat, but he loves me…i think

440. for shasta–who does an equally terrible job of keeping up with me as i do her, but we still care about and support each other nonetheless


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