day forty five

441. for daily adventures with my sweet man–slightly planned. ¬†slightly spontaneous. ¬†a whole lot of fun.

442. for tasty cakes

443. for not dying when my tire blew on the highway yesterday

444. for richard finding his way to me–and getting to watch him change my tire instead of getting dirty myself

445. for 90’s rom coms

446. for finding my ~temporarily~ lost wallet

447. for companionship at the car shop–especially when it’s so early in the morning

448. for the new people at boxing yesterday–they frankly still need to learn the gym etiquette (WHY WOULD YOU PICK THE BAG RIGHT NEXT ME WHEN THERE IS THREE PEOPLE IN THE CLASS) but they were quite cheerful people and helped me to see how far i’ve come since joining title

449. for new workout clothes

450. for the extra attention in my cake decorating class yesterday–it helped that i was the only one that showed up, but still…my skills are slowly being perfected


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