day forty six

451. for that one time i learned how to surf–and even managed to stand up once or twice

452. for my annual pay raise and bonus–it may not be as much as i was hoping for but, hey, it’s something

453. for low-key dates–because every day is an adventure

454. for baths–especially with a nice bath bomb in it

455. for potlucks

456. for my “make donald drumpf again” hat–because i’m pretty sure one day it’ll be worth millions

457. for when he opens the doors for you–chivalry is awesome but also wow am i lazy

458. for google–where would i be without you answering all of my questions always???

459. for the times when i’m actually wrong about things–humility y’all.  it’s a good thing…i think.

460. for ~love~ notes


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