day forty seven

461. for wine & whine nights with the girls

462. for the met digitizing its collection–PRAISE

463. for people who just know how to speak plainly

464. for my chiropractor letting me stay on the electro-physio massage thing for a little longer than he would’ve preferred

465. for my car now having a pull to one side–side effects of having one new tire..but as a consequence i’m 100% more focused on the road

466. for days when i catch my kitties snuggled up in one bed and holding each other tight…BECAUSE WOW HOW CUTE ARE THEY

467. for vinegar–the potential cure for my nasty tasting keurig machine…we will see if I’m still grateful tomorrow once it’s done ~working~

468. for photobooths–SO much fun.  i wish they were everywhere 🙂

469. for that time i got to see les mis on broadway–and meet the adorable toothless kid who played gavroche (and is now on stranger things…)

470. for cardigans–any girl who runs hot in cold weather will agree with me on this, okay??


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