day forty eight

471. for all my PTO from work–taking days off to simply adventure around georgia was a great decision

472. for bugles–best road trip snack

473. for people who thinks it’s fun to copy me–i get it, it’s flattery…blah blah you’re still annoying. ┬ábut now i feel challenged to try harder and push my boundaries further

474. for the times when richard gives me shoulder rubs

475. for workout clothes–they’re just so comfy and give the ~illusion~ that i’m not as lazy as i actually am

476. for haley–who probably spent more time with me in college than anyone else. from weekly crossword puzzles to ridiculous problem sets…she was always there for me.

477. for pecan pie

478. for that one time i got to sit in the front row of WICKED

479. for regina george–the greatest hamster there ever was

480. for the awesome little bookstore in asheville–the “date with a book” concept is my most favorite thing


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