day fifty

491. for that one time my bestie and i took the spring break of a lifetime–nyc, boston, montreal…the world was our oyster and the selfies were endless

492. for any excuse to go to washington d.c.

493. for days when i see women just loving other women in unconditional and godly ways

494. for getting the chance to spend quality time with a far-off sister of richard’s–who is awesome and just seems to ~get me~

495. for teamwork

496. for the moments when people tell me i’m right about something–i knew i wasn’t totally crazy

497. for the funny stories of what i do in my sleep–i talk, i text, who knows what i’ll do next

498. for making it that last twenty minutes on a past-empty gas tank

499. for getting to play with babies that i don’t have to take home–muahaha

500. for grace–in every shape and size


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