day fifty one

501. for living so close to a mall–it’s always there in times of trouble

502. for days when moe’s forgets to charge me for that extra queso

503.  for the intense efficiency at the apple store

504. for piggy back rides

505. for that time i got to go to hillsong conference for free–what a life changing experience

506. for tyrone–a giant stuffed panda that i hope becomes a family legacy

507. for being a bridesmaid in my friend ann’s wedding–it was such a gift and such great fun

508. for that time i kayaked in a cove of a sting rays–and lived to tell the tale

509. for my body’s ability to fall asleep anywhere at any time–is that something i can put on a resume as a “skill”??

510. for¬†shakespeare’s tavern–one of my favorite spots in atlanta to spend my evening


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