day fifty two

511. for my face’s amazing ability to take some of the most embarrassing candid shots

512. for getting a picture of my beautifully decorated cookies prior to the car ride home–where they were promptly ruined

513. for snuggles

514. for days when churches finally release recorded versions of their own songs–been singing these in church for months and each sunday i’ve been praying to just hear the one that’s been stuck in my head!

515. for all the great thoughts facilitated by the shower–it’s when i’m at my wisest

516. for any and all book recommendations people give me–it’s one of my favorite tokens of friendship

517. for a vet that isn’t mad at me for taking my cat somewhere cheaper to get fixed–but still takes my calls and answers all of my questions on what i should do because where i took her isn’t good about that

518. for the smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies in the house

519. for nights when i stay up way too late reading a good book–and still manage to feel like a functioning human being the next day

520.  for all of the great shows i got to ~ensemble~ in during high school–they were so much fun, getting to dress up and sing and dance.  and it was low-key enough for me to balance it along with everything else


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