day fifty three

521. for days when my hair blow dries ~just right~

522. for times when a DIY project is successful–makes me feel like i can create anything

523. for science jokes

524. for this AMAZING honey body cream i got from the savannah bee company–it works wonders.  it’s helping heal scars & stretch marks, all the while making me feel soft and smell wonderful

525. for carpooling–it’s easier, more economical, and ~environmentally friendly~

526. for any and all funny cat pictures & videos out there

527. for that one time friends flew me to another state so my australian dream of holding a koala bear could come true–LOVE THOSE PEOPLE SO MUCH

528. for moments when something is about to spill but i save it just in time–it’s like i’m spider man or something

529. for pot pies–because hot damn those are good down here in georgia

530. for lunch dates with people from work–it makes everything there seem less…intense.


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