day fifty four

531. for tascha & sunshine–two women who i know from such random circumstances and are always so full of love and fun, even when times are hard on them

532. for all of the times i’ve been front row for GRO concerts–they’re my favorite and conveniently not big enough ~stars~ yet so their concerts are still affordable and i can fight my way to the front line

533. for that one time we shut a bar down on a wednesday night–we ran that place until like 3AM

534. for days spent at the roller rink with friends

535. for all of the times i’ve gotten to travel around the globe–it’s the greatest thing i’ve ever spent money on, and utterly priceless

536. for stained glass–so beautiful

537. for liza–a mentor of mine from work who is so great at pushing me to be more than i am and isn’t afraid to keep it real

538. for┬árestaurants that hand out peppermints–they’re just a level above all the rest

539. for happy hour

540. for the days i try a new recipe and it doesn’t taste like garbage


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