day fifty five

541. for san diego–one of my favorite cities in the world to visit. and lucky me, i’ve got a friend who gives me a great excuse to continue visiting

542. for zoos that let you full-on interact with the animals–and i’m not talking about sheep y’all.

543. for strawberry pop tarts–i only get ever eat like one of these a year but when i’s magic

544. for friday night movies each week with my dad & sisters

545. for brick walls–it’s an aesthetic i’m all about and need more of in my life

546. for those pineapple ice cream cones from the ~tiki room~ at disneyland–literally nothing better

547. for a friend of mine who inspires me daily with her bravery–unafraid to do what she knows is best & important, even if others judge her for it

548. for baby steps

549. for richard’s job as a travel agent–my home is covered in brochures and i’ve now got ¬†enough vacations planned for the next 20+ years

550. for anything and everything that i can get for ~free~


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