day fifty nine

581. for waterfalls–SO PRETTY

582. for meetings that get cancelled–that’s 30 minutes of unplanned time where i can do whatever i want

583. for lists–keeping me organized in every way possible

584. for channing tatum

585. for that annoying couple at the boxing gym who finally learned the basic etiquette of the place–it was just the three of us again and they weren’t anywhere near me. it was great.

586. for someone teaching me a long time ago to call nature “creation”–all of the time, always

587. for febreze air fresheners–without it my home would smell constantly of cat poop.

588. for the chick fil a drive thru being so fast–no matter how far back the line goes.. it’s impressive y’all

589. for never getting an actual speeding ticket–talked my way out of them all~~

590. for my savings account–i hardly ever feed it, but it’s always there…waiting patiently for me



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