day sixty three

621. for moments that make me feel so small–and puts so much into perspective

622. for sister date nights

623. for harper’s steady growth in becoming a lovely and fearless kitty cat–she’s still a little skittish, but i love seeing her settle into her home

624. for discovering new places for good times so close to home

625. for jasmine rice–not only is it tasty but it makes my home smell of heaven

626. for friends who know so much about taxes and real estate and help me in making “adult” choices–i learn so much from them

627. for diaries–there is so much to revisit and cherished memories to share

628. for my parents embedding in me a long time ago the importance of education and working hard

629. forĀ each day–because just being alive is a gift

630. for bowling alleys–because those are so much fun and ~retro~


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