day sixty four & sixty five

631. for all of the casual free concerts that nashville had to offer–it really is music city, usa

632. for moments when my cats are carrying things in their mouth–because it’s just the cutest darn thing and you can’t convince me otherwise.  unless it’s like a real mouse or something that isn’t a toy.  then it’s traumatic.

633. for chocolate pinatas–because that’s a thing and it was amazing

634. for the people who work in craft stores and deal with me on a regular basis–they’re so kind to me, even in attempting to complete my vague requests, because half the time i’m not sure what i’m looking for honestly

635. for david & jessica–a power couple who shares not only meals with us, but wisdom and great conversation and good times and love

636. for all of the times i have won tickets to things–taylor swift (twice), grammy nominations, cma country christmas, disney orchestra, carrie underwood…i’m one ~lucky~ girl

637. for living so close to my dad’s house–which lends itself to casual catch-ups and support

638. for a mutual understanding that sundays don’t start until starbucks is in my hand

639. for transfer paper–saving my projects and my sanity a little bit each day

640. for nights when i seem to enter this intense productivity mode and i accomplish so much on my to do lists

641. for the year i had bangs–aka the year of no summer.  it showed me how cute i could be if i could just sweat less

642. for mental health days–spent taking care of me, myself, and i

643. for online tutorials–otherwise i think trial and error might break me

644. for ~spontaneous~ evenings spent with dear friends–that may have been semi-planned six hours in advance but that’s as close to spontaneous as we can get…

645. for FINALLY finding my sunglasses–thank you lord

646. for getting paid in pizza

647. for apple headphones–because they’re #1 in all ways, sorry not sorr

648. for the feeling of curling up into a warm bed on a chilly night

649. for leftover cake that’s still good a week later–i have no shame

650. for the squirrel outside of my apartment who stole the peanut butter jar out of my trash–you provided us a solid hour of entertainment watching you try to get the jar up the tree, so thanks for that


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