day sixty six

651. for evenings in the bath–candlelight and ~good vibes~

652. for ron swanson–because i’m unsure if a greater tv character exists or has made me laugh as much as he does

653. for days when i actually remember to put away the leftover food from dinner–this hasn’t happened more than i’d like to admit. so much wasted food.

654. for this new ed sheeran album–i know i’m already grateful for him but HAVE YOU LISTENED TO THIS ALBUM BECAUSE IT’S PERFECTION ÷ ÷ ÷

655. for these giant thighs the good lord graced me with–they were not meant for running but boy i sure can squat-lift just about anything

656. for etsy–meeting every personalized need imaginable

657. for people asking me to make cakes for them–i appreciate the excuse to practice but also i just really appreciate everyone believing in me!

658. for the meeting reminder feature on my phone–because otherwise i’m pretty sure that i’d never be on time or even attend most work calls..

659. for my bestie getting ~back~ into vandy–she’s only going to be four hours away!!

660. for the snacktivists–something a friend of mine does with his daughter and brings me so so much joy


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