day sixty seven

661. for british tv on netflix–my time has been filled with baking challenges and house hunting in the english country side…and i think it’s genuinely making me more sophisticated

662. for the little greek restaurant down the street–your authenticity is amazing and your gyros are to die for

663. for fake eyelashes–because they make me feel pretty

664. for women–because it’s international women’s day and wow aren’t we all just extraordinary in our own special ways??

665. for surviving flu seasons–without needing to get any shots

666. for board games–the best way to pass the time

667. for when my mom flew to me that one time i broke both of my wrists–she cleaned my whole home while she was here, a daunting task to say the least, and helped me get ~situated~ as best as i could

668. for ~positive vibes~

669. for all of the days i chose to skip class in college and enjoy life instead–some of my favorite days were spent on an empty lawn with a book in the sunshine. ¬†judge me all you want, but mental health days are important and obviously i graduated so it all works out.

670. for the occasional day when i have a reason to wear pretty work clothes again


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