day sixty eight

671. for getting to have ~access~ to VPs at work–i feel so important when they request me to help them on projects and i learn so much from them

672. for the vending machine at work–where sodas are only a quarter! what a steal.

673. for friends who appreciate my enthusiasm in pretty much everything

674. for the guy at best buy who stopped me from buying a trash cheap electronic–and then helped me find the best deal

675. for all of the ~free~ office supplies at work–if i have to pay for parking, at least i make up for it in office supplies

676. for sporadic moments of giving

677. for books that pull me in from the first page

678. for beach week–one of the best weeks of college spent with dear friends in PCB. also coincidentally one of my most photogenic weeks.

679. for when we are both craving the same terrible food for dinner–and i don’t feel bad about it because it’s not just me

680. for good customer service–call me a diva. but i know how hard that job can be and when someone rises above that, i think it’s important to notice!!


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