day seventy & seventy one

691. for the nearby beauty school–offering discounted hair cuts and styling so that i can look pretty but not break the bank

692. for moments when my goals/resolutions are tested and i persevere–#stayingstrong

693. for no make-up days

694. for my sister letting me make her birthday cake–excited to give her something so ~sweet~ on her birthday

695. for sneaky tricks that allow me to watch live tv off of my laptop–ain’t nobody got money to pay for cable nowadays

696. for when i find jewelry i thought was lost to the world

697. for times when i actually remember the grocery list

698. for gift cards–i hate giving them but it’s so great to get them

699. for fish-shaped chocolate waffles–full of chocolate and happy memories

700. for the new (to me) girl scout cookies–savannah smiles are so amazing wow

701. for living so near an art museum

702. for that art museum having such unique cultural showcases–what a learning experience

703. for the art museum being ~SURPRISE~ free on the day we decide to go–dumb luck y’all.

704. for alec & jill–dear friends of ours who are so kind and helpful and just simply joys to be around.  appreciate their friendship, even if we only get to see them once in a blue moon!

705. for the nasty man who was really sneaky about booting my car in the city–my ridiculous optimism was put in check today.  i guess i need some of that…

706. for having enough money in the bank to not worry about paying for the damn boot

707. for brunch–i don’t do it enough, but it’s my fave

708. for the vampire diaries–IT WAS SUCH A GOOD SHOW, WHY IS IT OVER??  IT GAVE ME SO MUCH JOY WEH.

709. for cookie cakes–i tell myself it’s less calories.  unsure if that’s true but it’s what i tell myself

710. for family meals–less sitting on the couch watching tv. more conversations and laughter.



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