day seventy two

711. for when my kitties kiss me on the nose

712. for people who aren’t afraid to tell me the hard truth

713. for costume parties–when i’m emotionally prepared and have a rockin’ outfit, they can be some of my favorite events

714. for my support system–i can’t imagine what it’d be like without them truly supporting me in all things

715. for one of my favorite stores liquidating–it’s very sad BUT everything was like 50% off so there’s that at least!

716. for when things don’t come easy–i will find the perfect pair of pointy toe nude flats if it’s the last thing i do

717. for moments of goofiness

718. for the girl working at francesca’s today–helping me pick out the ~perfect~ gifts and being the most friendly person i have ever met

719. for cheap pretty panties–i’ve got so many bachelorette parties going on y’all.  i want my girls to look good but not break my bank!

720. for mashed potatoes–nuff said


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