day seventy three

721. for snagging cheap floor tickets to see ed–i beat the ticket stealing scammers and the online queues. today was a victory.

722. for when at least everyone is safe on days when things go wrong with the car

723. for my sister offering to let me be that annoying person who resells her ed sheeran tickets for profit–i said no but the gesture was not lost

724. for the nice team member at the tires plus who gave me a complimentary ride home

725. for the other nice team member at the tires plus who is taking my obnoxious calls every hour for status updates

726. for tears–because once they pass and the tension goes i can take on anything. without them i think it may manifest in much more unhealthy way…like punching people

727. for online shopping–because running errands is slightly difficult right now

728. for uber–how did any of us live without you

729. for my life being full of wonderful things to look forward to–oh happy days, you are ahead.

730. for having a record of these things to remind me on days when i don’t feel grateful at all


can you tell today was a bad day? ┬ábut in all honesty, it’s easier to not wallow or eat my weight in cookies when i have so many things to think about in gratitude. having this list today is a tremendous help to my soul.


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