day seventy four

731. for being located walking-distance from so many staple stores–groceries, movies, chick fil a…i’m set

732. for my friend’s wedding being live-streamed from hawaii–so cool to be apart of it even if i can’t physically be there!

733. for my kitties being able to ~sense~ my bad feelings–they cuddled me until i felt better again

734. for completed goals–kicking butt and taking names, one accomplishment at a time

735. for when my french braid turns out perfectly

736. for kurt–my stress-ball koala

737. for the weather keeping things interesting–spring in january, winter in march…each day is a mystery!

738. for dance parties–because how can anyone stay sad at a dance party

739. for number puzzles–keeping my brain ~engaged~ in my boredom

740. for options–so many options…and wow am i lucky to have them in life


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