day seventy eight

771. for richard not eating all of the girl scout cookies while i was out of town–THE TAGALONGS SURVIVED

772. for coming home to a deeply cleaned apartment when i return from trips–lke he even cleaned my hair out of the tub drain. ┬ámy boyfriend is better than yours

773. for evening walks in lovely weather

774. for always splitting our meals out–we save $$money$$ and practice the art of compromise

775. for 80’s tunes

776. for getting the chance to drive thru some amazing irish countryside–sheep in the road and all

777. for lemon bars–yes, this is worthy of the list

778. for surrendering moments–to the wisdom of those around me and the good Lord

779. for ~friendly~ gossip–i’m not trying to be mean or manipulate people….i just want to know everything going on all the time out of ~love~

780. for getting to spend time with people who i don’t know very well–and then getting to know them more


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