day seventy six & seventy seven

751. for my awesome mechanic

752. for getting to partake in dad & karen’s anniversary date night–steak dinner and the movies…yum!!

753. for dad picking me up so far away when i just wanted to be included in date night

754. for scavenger hunts 

755. for the town of helen being so excited about our scavenger hunt

756. for girls night with my bf’s sisters–don’t get enough time with these ladies

757. for long chats on long drives

758. for moments when i can show a servant’s heart

759. for ryan gosling

760. for my cats FINALLY letting me sleep through the night

761. for gummy worms

762. for richard having buddies in the car business–he’s calling people and working with sales guys and WOW that was a stressor so thank goodness for him

763. for buttery kettle corn

764. for bachelorette parties

765. for matching shirts at bachelorette parties–SO MUCH FUN

766. for a man in a well fitted suit 

767. for adventures at cabins in the woods

768. for early morning coffee dates

769. for quick texting thumbs–i almost exclusively use talk to text but when it fails me, i’m so ~fast~

770. for when calories don’t count


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