day eighty & eighty one

791. for that first class after you haven’t been to the gym in a week

792. for the police officer looking away at the exact moment i was speeding past him

793. for the secret craft i’m working on right now being nearly done!!–there were some difficult pieces but it all worked out. ┬ácan’t divulge more though or the surprise will be ruined…

794. for an abundance of coupons

795. for freshly baked warm cookies at the movie theater

796. for the movie theater manager finding the spare generator when the power went out yesterday–so everyone could finish their movies

797. for my sperry’s surviving (what i perceived to be) surprise rain

798. for surviving flu season–another year passes and i’m in the clear

799. for free mints at restaurants

800. for mini visits from my sissy

801. for days spent at the mall–but only when it’s a weekday and no one is there obviously

802. for the weather finally reflecting the appropriate season

803. for my car being successfully traded in–we both know it was junk but it looks like i’m in the clear!

804. for the moment when you are briefly all caught up on your tv

805. for mirror selfies

806. for the feeling of endless possibilities

807. for rainbows–especially after a crazy storm

808. for lunch dates

809. for the hilarious cat-themed air freshener my dad got me

810. for brand new razors–oh, what a feeling…


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