day eighty three & eighty four

821. for when my office actually lets us expense parking–rather than expecting us all to pay $12 each day

822. for sara & her family–so kind, joyful, and helpful.  it was such a pleasure spending an evening with them!!

823. for machines that do quilting for you in pretty designs–cause shoot i could never make something look that good

824. for pinning parties

825. for having so much access to VPs at work–really getting the opportunity to become buddies with them…i’m gonna get that promotion if it’s the last thing i do!

826. for the mpg my new car gets–i can already feel all the money being saved

827. for messing up timing on things and getting to sleep more than anticipated

828. for not ruining my sisters birthday cake before delievering it 

829. for my gps–otherwise I would be perpetually lost

830. for tea parties

831. for anything personalized–with my name, monogram…i love it all

832. for bite-sized desserts–because then I can have many different kinds and experience total satisfaction

833. for anything lemon flavored

834. for when i meet new puppies–I JUST LOVE THEIR FACES AND WANT TO SNUGGLE ALL OF THEM

835. for bear hugs

836. for times when i remember to actually bring a jacket to the movie theater

837. for black and white movies

838. for my dogs always running to me with joy when they catch sight of me

839. for when my music shuffle is on point–no skipping necessary 

840. for moments when the good Lord forces me to “slow my roll”–because boy can i be reckless and a bit bullheaded


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