day eighty five

841. for when sundays are actually restful

842. for people who tell it like it is

843. for the sporadic times i do play poker–and remember why i choose to not play all that much.

844. for the rare moments when i hit a cleaning frenzy–and get so much done

845. for fettuccine alfredo–because i’m not sure if anything can satisfy me like that can

846. for being comfortable and confident in who i am–and how i can contribute to people/society

847. for late-night brusters–and hanging out there talking until they literally had to turn out the lights

848. for being with a man who is constantly showing me how we can grow and love together in better ways–with respect, fun, and intention

849. for when family visits from out of town

850. for closet cleansing–i have a full garbage bag of things to donate/sell. ┬áit’s not much…but it’s a start for someone like me


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