day eighty eight

871. for being close enough to attend most family events–like birthdays! (shoutout to bree!! happy 13th!!)

872. for not locking both sets of keys in my car

873. for richard rescuing me from said locked car with the spare key

874. for missing boxing because of the ordeal but getting to go to the kroger nearby to kill some time instead–i DID need some groceries anyway…

875. for the rice cakes and gatorade that sustained me as i awaited my hero

876. for that high you have after smelling 50+ candles at the white barn

877. for being known as a great gift giver–there’s some pressure but it’s nice to be on top y’all

878. for the one red robin we managed to find in georgia–yummmmmm

879. for when the ‘rents buy me dinner–*insert joyful/crying emoji all us twenty somethings feel perpetually*

880. for when target has exactly what i was looking for


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