day ninety and ninety one

891. for real good bread–my vice

892. for when i arrive somewhere exactly on time 

893. for always having a bed at dad’s 

894. for moments when people really see me

895. for the atlanta soccer team actually being good

896. for managing to turn on the tv in my dad’s “man cave”–there’s four different remotes that need to be used just to get to cable yall. it is an ordeal 

897. for rum + pineapple juice

898. for getting to be a part of the branam wedding! 

899. for spanx–necessary on wedding days

900. for how females help each other get dressed–nothing like some girly companionship as you’re squeezing into your clothes

901. for that time before the wedding when all the girls are getting dolled up together–so much bonding wow

902. for random couches in fields–because man do they make for great pictures

903. for not looking disgusting in a bridesmaid dress

904. for richard in suspenders

905. for shorter wedding ceremonies

906. for any and every opportunity to dance with richard 

907. for blurry kissing photos 

908. for how my cats greet me at the door when i come home

909. for fake eyelashes–my eyes are so on point today y’all. i wish i had the patience to do this all of the time

910. for my 100 days almost being up–because boy am i running out of things/pictures for this haha


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