day ninety two and ninety three

911. for sundays spent in bed

912. for the random people who let me pet their dogs

913. for cats in make-shift box obstacle courses–so much entertainment wow

914. for when books i read in my early teens are finally tv shows/movies

915. for richard smelling every candle i stuck in his face so that i could find the perfect candle–even though it was obvious he’d like to leave

916. for when the world is small and you randomly & spontaneously run into people you know

917. for photos that are taken at the perfect angle

918. for benadryl–my hero throughout this pollen season

919. for karen’s barbecuing skills–especially on tri-tip night

920. for when group classes turn into personal sessions–because apparently i was among the few who braved the storm

921. for trainers who tell me i’m a “champion” when clearly i just want to lay down–i’m not tired.  i’m a champion.

922. for best friends always being willing to plan your imaginary futures or the houses you’re gonna buy or the wedding of your dreams

923. for candy bracelets

924. for all of the amazing cruises i get to look at with richard–his job is so much fun for me

925. for moving out of the “baby” stage of my faith and into the “steady intimate growth” stage

926. for churros–especially dipped in chocolate

927. for the new car smell still being there two weeks later

928. for good things happening to those i love

929. for people that get how important intentional time is with each other

930. for my exposure to jewish traditions and holidays–a more complete picture of Jesus is unlike anything else


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